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Shipping Policy

Orders to North America, South America & Australia ship from our warehouse in Vancouver, Canada.
Orders to Europe & the rest of the world ship from our warehouse in London, UK.

Free shipping on orders to the UK above $46 USD* - From London, UK
Free shipping on orders to Europe & Other Countries $100 USD* - From London, UK

The Beard Struggle Shipping to Norway

1. Do I need to pay VAT, custom duties, and clearance taxes for my order from The Beard Struggle if I'm in Norway?
Yes, customers in Norway may be required to pay VAT, custom duties, and clearance taxes imposed by the customs authorities of Norway. The Beard Struggle does not include these taxes in the initial payment and customers should be prepared to settle these fees directly with the courier service handling the delivery.

2. Why do I have to pay these taxes separately?
VAT, custom duties, and clearance taxes are determined by the customs regulations of the destination country, in this case, Norway. These charges are not included in The Beard Struggle's payment, as they are levied by the local authorities and must be paid by the customer to the courier before the delivery of the package.


3. How can I find out the exact amount of these taxes for my order?
The exact amount of VAT, custom duties, and clearance taxes can vary depending on the value of your order and the specific customs regulations in Norway. It is advisable to check with the local customs authorities or the courier service handling your delivery for accurate information on these charges.


4. When will I be informed about these additional taxes?
The courier service handling your delivery will typically inform you about the additional taxes and fees before the delivery of your package. This information may be communicated through notifications, emails, or other means, allowing you to make the necessary arrangements for payment.


5. Can I avoid paying these taxes?
Unfortunately, these taxes are mandated by the customs regulations of Norway, and it is a legal requirement for customers to settle them. Attempting to avoid or evade these taxes may result in delays, penalties, or other complications with the customs process.

6. What are the rules regarding refusing delivery?
If you choose to refuse delivery of your package, you will be eligible for a refund. However, the refund amount will be minus the initial shipping cost and the cost of the return label. It's important to consider these costs when deciding whether to refuse delivery, as they will be deducted from the total refund issued by The Beard Struggle.

We will replace anything lost or damaged in shipping, so order worry-free.

If you have any questions, please contact our support.
Email: support@thebeardstruggle.com
Call: +1-800-413-2936 or +44  151 808 0245

* Or the equivalent in other currencies based on the current exchange rates.