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Brand Viking Shield Tag

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Introducing the ultimate symbol of strength and unwavering loyalty: the Shield Tag, exclusively designed for the elite warriors of the Brand Vikings! A masterpiece forged in the fires of our unyielding passion, this remarkable accessory is more than just a dog tag—it's a testament to the indomitable spirit that courses through your veins.

Dare to stand out from the crowd and embrace your warrior spirit with the Shield Tag—a true emblem of brotherhood and dominance. Join the ranks of the select few who command respect and inspire awe. Enlist now, and let the world bear witness to your unshakeable commitment to the legendary legacy of the Brand Vikings.

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    jamie b.

    AUUnited States

    Sep 15, 2023

    "Shut up and take my money "

    Love the look of the Viking Shield Tags, will definitely be a priority when I place my next order very soon and will wear it with pride displaying I am a proud Bearded Brand Viking.

    TBS product review

    josh s.

    USUnited States

    Aug 12, 2023

    "Solid addition"

    Love the weight of this new item. The necklace is beautiful sturdy and solid construction and looks great! Awesome addition for any viking!

    TBS product review

    sam s.

    Verified by

    USUnited States

    Apr 13, 2024

    "Really hard and good qual..."

    Really hard and good quality steel

    rene r.

    Verified by

    USUnited States

    Jul 18, 2023

    "it is wildly beautiful, I..."

    it is wildly beautiful, I am insanely happy with it

    torbjörn f.

    Verified by

    USUnited States

    Jul 14, 2023

    "Show your support to TBS ..."

    Show your support to TBS with this badass and well made necklace!

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