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Special Reserve Beard Conditioner

A special scented product, exclusively available for Black Card Members


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Viking Honour

Bergamot, Lime & Peppermint


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Rediscover the allure of bygone eras with Special Reserve Scents from The Beard Struggle. These discontinued fragrances encapsulate the essence of a time gone by, infusing your grooming routine with a touch of nostalgia and a dash of masculine mystique. Each scent tells a story, evoking memories of days when chivalry and adventure reigned supreme. Elevate your grooming game and indulge in the timeless elegance of Special Reserve Scents

– a journey into the past, encapsulated in a bottle.

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    mark h.

    Verified by

    USUnited States

    Mar 15, 2024

    "I use it to keep my beard..."

    I use it to keep my beard smelling clean and feeling soft.

    tyler m.

    Verified by

    USUnited States

    Mar 11, 2024

    "This needs to be a regula..."

    This needs to be a regular for your selections. The best scent I've had yet! I can't keep my girlfriend off of me when I use this conditioner.

    collin c.

    USUnited States

    Dec 08, 2023

    "Great product..."

    Great product

    eric e.

    USUnited States

    Dec 08, 2023

    "As a first time buyer of ..."

    As a first time buyer of this beard conditioner, I was in search of a unique scent and higher quality product than any big box store; The Beard Struggle is THE beard/skin care company for me!! Fast shipping (to MN), their packaging is very welcoming; their business model absolutely models quality and customer care - evidenced by my excitement before sampling this scent!!! Quality of the product and overall size is well worth the price!! We all have different pheromones and I’m thrilled to use Fenrir’s Wrath to see how it resonates with my beard!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    jericho y.

    USUnited States

    Dec 02, 2023

    "Scent Worthy of the Gods! "

    As always TBS never disappoints. I bought the Black Rain cologne and its so perfectly crafted that I can not get enough. 10/10 would lather my neck with it again!

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